1429 Uncharted Seas

In this article we will discuss about a new casino slot game called 1429 Uncharted Seas. This is the first free online slot game that I have reviewed and one that I am very excited for. Like all the best slot games it offers players the opportunity to win cash as well as free bonus credits that can be used on any of the reels in the game. The main game play in this slot machine is a traditional slots action where you must rotate the reels and hit specific symbols to win.

One of the unique features of this particular game is that the Wild Symbol slot is not part of the regular playing area. It is located on a different floor in the casino and is actually located inside a different building. This allows players to take advantage of this by taking advantage of the wild symbols which are featured in the game. By hitting these symbols you are able to earn bonus points and win cash prizes. The real key to winning here is that you must hit the right symbols the majority of the time in order to maximize your winning potential.

This slot machine has two different reels to choose from and the odds for winning with this particular game is actually quite good. There are a total of nine symbols that are featured on these reels and they rotate in a pattern that looks like a series of waves. As you watch the waves on the reels move around the screen you are able to see what symbols will come next and use them to try and win big pots of money. In order to increase your winning percentage with this particular free online slot machine you will want to hit the wild symbol combination that appears the most. This is the best way to increase your overall winnings on this casino slot machine.