3 Genie Wishes

Can a mystical Arabian spirit actually make your dream wishes come true? That s the main goal in 3 Genie Wishes, an exciting 5 reel, 50 line, virtual casino game from Pragmatic Logic. This trip into the dessert comes with stacked odds, instant win select prizes of up to 500x and free reels with rainy or sticky wilds. The object is to wager a minimum amount to win a maximum prize. If the wager wins the prize, the player continues to play in the same scene until time expires. If it wins more than one prize, the player is awarded extra spins and becomes a millionaire.

Unlike conventional slots, which have a fixed layout, and payout symbols arranged in a certain order, 3 Genie Wishes has no pre-determined symbols or payout amounts. Instead, there are two big “paylines” that you must carefully follow to guarantee a win. These lines have distinct shapes and distinct colors. There are no other invisible lines separating you from the next payline.

In addition to these major attractions, this online slots game also offers another attraction to those who like to play virtual poker but don’t want to put their actual money on the line. This online casino game allows you to play for free using the promotional bonus feature. Each time you enter a code from the bonus box, you earn credits which you can use to wager on the three Genie games offered in the bonus feature. Each credit you earn adds to your points and when you hit the winning combination you can cash out the winnings or use the credits to buy spins to improve your chances of earning even more money.

In order to take full advantage of the free play feature, it is important that you know when to walk away. If you find that the casino game is not providing you with a sizable return on your initial investment, or you continually find yourself winning too much money, it may be time to leave and try a different slot machine. The key to enjoying this online casino game is to know when to quit. Although the odds are against you, there’s still a good chance that the game is just a craps match and you’ll walk away a winner after a few spins. If that scenario doesn’t happen, however, you can always try the next slot machine on the list or look for a new online casino game to play instead.

By virtue of the fact that you can only play 3 Genie wishes slot machines per week, you never miss out on any chance to cash in on a windfall. As long as you avoid the promotional bonus enticement and stay away from playing too many online slots, there’s really nothing stopping you from earning as much cash as possible. This offers you excellent savings compared to traditional slots where you would be gambling money you didn’t have. On top of that, 3 Genie bonuses make it so much easier to stay motivated and enjoy your gambling experience.

All that’s missing from now on is a prize drawing for the jackpot! When you win, though, don’t let it get you down because you’ve already walked away with a big fat stack of cash. Rather, celebrate the fact that you managed to land on an online slot machine that gave you triple your money back – and maybe double too! There’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to cash in your triple jackpot prize after the game has ended, so it pays to play as long as you feel like it.