Beat the Beast Griffin’s Gold

Beat the Beast Griffin’s Gold is an arcade style, online flash game and is probably one of the earliest creations of Griffin. It is a fairly faithful recreation of the arcade game. In earlier versions you only had one life to complete all levels but in the latest, updated version you have two lives to play and the first life has a reset time. You also get various power ups that can be collected throughout the game such as the flame thrower, sticky wheel, lightning bolt, and the ice cream cone. Each power up helps you to beat the beast and move on to the next level. It really feels good to be rewarded for your efforts!

As in the arcade version, to beat the beast you must accumulate as much money as possible before the timer runs out and you lose all your accumulated wealth to the nasty bottomless pit. To do this, you must collect money by collecting coins while avoiding obstacles on the way, fight enemy monsters, and perform a variety of other activities like collecting treasure or picking up objects. The goal is to accumulate as much gold as possible before you are defeated, which means you will need to use the bonus round frequently to keep accumulating your gold.

This version is not as difficult as it first appears. Although it takes a while to get used to, the added challenges add a real sense of accomplishment once you see how well you do at completing the various mini-games and earning gold in the wilds. I wasn’t sure whether the graphics were drawn with a lot of detail or if they were just thrown in for effect, but either way, the graphics are a welcome change from the colorful flash games of old. The sound effects were crisp and the entire game was very lively – even the part when you defeat the evil Wild King and his army!