Cosmic Voyager

Cosmic Voyager is a casino game which was inspired by the hit science-fiction movie “idium men”. The main character, played by James Vicary, is an android who jumps back and forth between two spaceships. He tries to contact a stranded crew of humans living on another planet. This movie became very popular with viewers who love traveling and space travel. Thus, developers have added more features to this great casino game.

This fantastic game has been upgraded to include three-dimensional gaming which includes: free spins, bonus rounds, hidden symbols, leader boards, and leader slots. A unique feature which sets this game apart from others is that it offers players a free spin whenever they reach the last non-avenging wall. Additionally, players will be alerted each time a new space ship appears on the Cosmic Map. Thus, the first reel helps players familiarize themselves with the layout of the Cosmic Panorama while the fourth reel makes them go back to the original starting position and play the first game, gaining points if they do so.

In the beginning of the game, there are two free spins which allow players to get acquainted with the interface and basic functions of the interface. Moreover, this will also let them try the exciting’Cosmic Voyager Bonus Round’every time they visit the ‘arcade’ area. The first reel also contains many expanding symbols which can be used for scoring points. The first goal is to get as many coins as possible, unlocking special offers such as coins which double as cash, other consumable buys like chips, and more.

The second reel allows players to place bets, use their coins to buy stuff and activate power ups. This is where the real fun begins! There are also four different game modes: Free Play, Single Pass, Multiplayer and Endless. Free plays are great for players who don’t have that much time, but want to experience the adrenaline rush of playing against another live player. Single passes offer you limited access to a certain level, but are fast and easy. Multiplayer is a bit more challenging, requiring players to find an opponent of equal skill level and room for both of you.

Endless is available as a ‘high stakes’ game, requiring you to place at least five bets before the timer runs out. This mode is a little bit more difficult and offers you the chance to cash in all your winning bets before the timer runs out. Each of these game modes has its own set of rules and features. Some are even free to try!

The coolest part of Cosmic Voyager is the user-created universe it gives players. Players create their own profile, picking out the backgrounds for planets, the colors for ships, and choosing a main character. They can then take part in community events, send friendship requests and engage in forum discussions. In fact, all this activity is done from within the user’s very own game! This feature is one of the best parts of the Cosmic Voyager expansion packs, and one that really makes this game shine among other browser-based games.