Disco Danny

Disco Danny the slots machine is ready to land on your casino table! This sweet new disco-themed slot machine is just as sweet and simple (some might say, a little too plain and simple!) as the original Disco Danny: 3 reels, single-level spinning, multi-level bonus spinning, and the Golden multiplier feature. The game is optimized for both mobile devices and online platforms including android and apple iOS. In short, if you love the old style of playing pin the tail on the donkey or want something a bit more original, than try out this awesome new game by Fender!

The rules are pretty standard for all single-space spins. You can get bonus coins by winning the “pin the tail on the donkey” game, which is located in the upper left corner of the reel. In the next reel, you will see a “pin the tail on the danny” contest. Get the highest score in the mini bar x feature to win a max of ten bonus coins. Once you win the mini bar x feature, then you win the game. The only rule in the game that we checked was that you can not play while holding any combination of coins from earlier purchases.

The actual appearance of the machine is quite nice with lots of neon colors, an unusual design, and nice graphics. The actual icons for playing the game are small and in a different color than most icons in other slots. The icons feature disco danny symbols in a pretty retro style. The actual icon of the game is a penis, which is very funny considering it’s included in a modern casino environment. Overall, this is a fun, unique, and sweet mini-slots machine that’s perfect for a casino themed party.