Fairy Gate

If you’re a fan of classic fairies and fables, or even if you just like fancy new things, the new Fairy Gate will surely tickle your fancy. The latest release from Hasbro’s Thinkactional Marketing Ideas for Kids series takes everything we’ve come know about the game and gives it a nice modern update. What could be better than having a brand new board game to play on your home computer? Let’s find out.

Fairy Gate takes us back in time to a world where “fairy dust” used to be sprinkled through every nook and cranny of a kid’s bedroom to create a mystical place where any child could dream. Now that those days are gone, but not before a new magical device called the Fairy Gate has been invented to awaken the sleeping giants within. When the fairy gate opens to reveal magical fairy gems, it’s up to your child and their Wild Match to engage in a magical adventure.

This all starts with a special slot machine called the Fairy Gate that will activate when it’s your children’s turn to play. Inside this ancient casino game are three wild symbol icons which will open up three doors at random. When one of these wild symbols is taken out, a small pop-up window will appear allowing you to collect it. It will then be added to your bonus pile. However, if you manage to clear all three wild icons before the fairy symbol is added, you’ll not only score a critical but potentially winning fairy, but it will have a very high multiplier.

The game is played in many ways, but the mechanics of the game stay the same. Your children must match the wild fairy icons to the corresponding wild symbol in each slot machine that appears, by making sure they match in color and value. Once a fairy is matched in slot machine A it will appear in slot machine B and so on. You must complete as many mazes as possible in order to win. The lower value symbols on the machines are worth more than the higher ones, hence, the higher the multiplier.

When you play fairy gate online slot machine you will notice that there is not much of a learning curve when it comes to using the symbols and learning how to beat the casino. The reason behind that is that you can use the free time to either earn coins to spend later or simply spend them on getting additional bonuses. While it would seem like a dull way of playing the game, it truly is a fun way as well. There is nothing worse than playing a slot game without even knowing what symbols to bet on, and what to bet on when they appear. Since you are not actually investing any real money, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when you are all smiles and ready to roll. It really is an enjoyable experience, one that all children should have.

Fairy Gate provides an excellent opportunity for all ages to enjoy a fantastic online slot game without risking losing any real money. When you play Fairy Gate, the free spin reels keep a steady pace and reward the player with jackpots of $10k and up. This means that winning potential goes beyond what one can achieve with traditional slot machines. For this reason, Fairy Gate has become a staple in many homes, offering the chance to learn about the basics of playing the slots before spending real money at a casino. Whether you want to enjoy a night at home playing against your child or you wish to win some serious money while having an adventure, you will find that Fairy Gate can provide the experience that you need.