Fat Cat

Fat Cat video slot machine is a traditional five-reel video slot machine offering three slots, and a free spin bonus in which each win will earn you a x3 multiplier and a bonus matching previous spins, up to a maximum of a thousand per trip. While the graphics and sounds may look similar to other slot machines from different manufacturers, this Fat Cat machine truly offers something special. Like the icons displayed on your screen, Fat Cat’s icons actually tell the jackpot amounts in big, bold letters. Although it’s possible to win big amounts of money if you’re lucky, the real fun is seeing how far your limit can stretch before you hit payback.

Like most other online casinos, one of the best ways to play at Fat Cat is to get a Fat Cat video slot machine gift certificate. To redeem the gift certificate, simply deposit the cash into your online casino account and select “gift.” Successful participants in the online casino community can get a lifetime of free spins with any deposit after they reach level ten, plus additional gift certificates for every ten levels thereafter.

In addition to the free bonus and the sign-up bonus, Fat Cat has a number of entertaining game features that keep players coming back. The slots feature a unique bonus based on your deposit history, ranging from small jackpots to impressive high rollers. The progressive slot machines offer two types of betting options: Texas Hold’em and Euro spins. Online casinos offering the game include Cardrunners, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Gameday and Playtech Live. Fat Cat bonuses are also featured at casino game websites including Ultimate Casino, Playcacutus, Microgaming, Party Gaming, and Hyperports.