Flux is the brand name behind the classic five-reel slots game Flux. A radical design concept, the artwork and animation are very easy to understand yet extremely effective. Beautiful, animated images, elegantly flowing icons and cascading light shimmering on the reels simply give the game a surreal, sci-fi twist. The music is soft and melodic, fitting in perfectly with its futuristic theme. Flux is definitely the slot machine of the month and this article will explain why.

The mechanics of the game are very straightforward. You start by spinning the reels by pulling a handle, which pushes a circular flute bell off to the left. When you have passed the third bell, the game is “off”, and you must spin again to begin play. The scoring system is very straight-forward. The aim of the game is not to win, but to fill the coffers by the cleverness of the slot machine’s randomness.

Although it may seem that a free spin would be little more than a time waster, the random number generator (RNG) used in Flux ensures that you never have to play the same pattern twice. This means that if you are playing Flux for the first time and get stuck at one of the jokers, you still have many opportunities to try before being trapped, making the game far more enjoyable for seasoned players. There are no time limits, either, meaning that you can spend as long as you like on each level before you need to stop, saving you money on spins. Another nice feature of Flux is that there is no maximum payout, so you are never pressured to buy more coins or hope that you are getting a good deal. As long as you have enough in your pocket to allow you to make a few clicks, then you will have fun and leave the casino with a smile on your face.