Gold Lab

Gold Lab is an exciting, colorful and whimsical game, revolving around a simple yet intriguing theme. The theme of Gold Lab can be related to the popular casino game called “Hearthstone” (a well-known online version), but the mechanics are entirely different. Instead of playing a generic character in a boring environment, players take on the role of a small British genius, who needs to uncover the dark secrets kept by theakers of the world. From coins to cards, from letters to words, from colors to objects, Gold Lab gives you an amazing array of opportunities to interact with the players and to design your own game.

Gold Lab is an exciting, simple and entertaining game, featuring cute little scientist and his mission to make gold in his laboratory. The exciting part of the game is that, unlike the popular versions of this game, there are no other players to compete against, so players can spend many hours trying out all kinds of silly ideas and concepts, to find out which ones actually make gold in the game. In addition, the theme of gold is very funny and lively, so the players can enjoy the game just as much as the artist who designed it.

The objective of the game is simple: earn as much money as possible by playing various combinations of letters and colors. For example, a player earns 100 points when she writes the letter G in a column. In a later stage of the game, she can combine G with R to earn even more money. In this way, gold lab can be really interesting, because not only do you have to earn money, you also have to try out all kinds of ideas and combinations, and see which ones actually work. Thus, players can enjoy this well crafted game in short, intense bursts, which help them relax and enjoy their time while playing slots.