Hotline 2

NetEnt have brought out a new casino game based on Miami Vice, known as Hotline 2. This new slot has the same spinning reels, same bonus rounds and also in the beginning just over three rows of five pay lines. The maximum bet is in the area of 30p for every spin, so this game really covers a lot of gambling spectrum. It’s important to know that there is a maximum bet which you can make, and the amount you win or lose will be determined by the last number you were on, or the line number before you started.

This Hotline 2 slot machine is not a re-mine, so it doesn’t require paying out any winnings to unlock it. You do however have to complete the mini-game. In the mini-game you have to hit an icon and draw one card to reveal a red check mark, which means you have to go to the next reel in line. When you do this, the spinning reels stop and the machine counts backwards, from one to five, depending on how many people have completed the mini-game. The amount of money that can be won or lost in this mini-game is the same as that of the regular Hotline, with the exception of the payout of the jackpot prize.

Another nice thing about Hotline 2 is the bonus rounds, which are there in there for seven free spins. You get a bonus when you sign up for the Hotline online casino. These bonuses don’t seem too beneficial, but they do boost your winnings, by quite a lot. This Hotline 2 slot machine also offers you free spins whenever you enter a code. There are a total of seven codes which you need to enter into the Hotline 2 software in order to claim your free spins. The free spins aren’t big, but they do add up in a hurry.