In my review of the slot machine Illuminous I see a possible issue with it possibly being one of the slot machines in a row with two “flip flops” on each flip flop. In any case it is one of those slot machines that does not allow you to win big jackpots. In any of the recent slot reels that I have seen recently, there are only two real ways to win. Either by hitting the two small pre spin jumps or hitting the “extra” large four wheel flops.

With the additional “extra” flops I have noticed that sometimes it is not always the best paying machines, even though it pays well enough. When you place three rows over on top of one another you can place three flops per flop, making for an incredible payout of over forty dollars on every single spin. You have the ability in this video slot machine to play three unique patterns of colors and patterns that you will not find anywhere else in the game. With the triple layering of colors, this is a strategy that can really separate you from other slot players that are playing the same video slot machine.

In addition to the three rows of icons that appear when you flip the video slot machine over you will also notice the four small circular icons that will flash up. When they do the symbols in the circle flash up so do the numbers on either side. To make this a worthwhile video slot machine you should play the Illuminous slot machine with the first set of symbols on either side of the rows. As soon as you lay your money down you will be able to immediately lay another one or two symbols on top of your initial two. This will continue until you run out of money or you hit a jackpot.