Irish Eyes

When it comes to casino games that require quick thinking and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and conditions, few are quite like Irish Eyes. One of the hottest online casino games at the moment, Irish Eyes is often described as a ‘ortion’ game – meaning that it can be very difficult for the novice player to make good decisions on the fly, and this is what sets it apart from other online games which you might consider for playing. It is all about making quick bets, adjusting your strategies for maximum returns and enjoying the ride while you do so. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the mechanics of this unique online game, as well as look at some of the strategies involved.

Setting up your bank roll is relatively easy; the required setup involves a pair of pink flowers, a wheel (containing a red four-leaf clover), four small green stakes, and a pair of small white pebbles. With an overhand pick, you can instantly place your money into the pot; the wheel will rotate around the wheel, and will eventually direct the pot towards the flower you chose. The key point to note here is that you only use your first two hands, not your fingers! This allows you to maximize your odds of getting your money into the pot – and of making the subsequent bets, your hands must remain concealed inside the flower.

If you wish to place a bet, you can either use the standard jackpot size of fifty dollars per spin, or adjust the size of the pot up or down according to how much you want to win. The odds of winning are relatively good, considering that there are only generally four paylines, each with about twenty five lines. However, despite this, there are some powerful tips that you should keep in mind while playing, including the following: never play with an overhand pick, as it won’t provide you with any advantage; do not fold unless you are certain that you have an Irish Eyes set up; try and get more chips by winning the pot than you spend on betting; and always remember to add up your wins on all the Irish Eyes matches you play. This way, you can determine how much you can afford to spend on betting.