Not Enough Kittens

Not Enough Kittens was a high voltage video slot machine with 35 total fixed paylines and five revolving reels. The game is set up with single symbols and a single bonus game that with also free rewits and spins. For this review I tried it out with the single symbol bonus which I found to be a nice change from the usual black jack and red jack symbols that are usually used. I got the chance to try out the game first hand with a real dealer and got paid $1250 which is a decent amount for this kind of slot machine.

The first few spins with the single symbols paid off well as the payoff amounts for the first five spins varied greatly. By the seventh spin the payoff was average sized but slightly below average for the seven spins. I would say that the biggest factor in the reels with Not Enough Kittens is that they are playing with mostly cats because the jokers always have a cat face on them. When trying to determine which cat is the jackpot winner the player has to look at which symbol is on the jackpot.

The wild slots pay out much better than the normal slots but the biggest difference from the wild slots and the regular slots is that the wilds are completely random. This means that all wins and losses are done at random. You can build up your winnings real fast if you play the wrong symbol or if you pick the exact symbol that will win the jackpot.