Riches of midgard: land and expand

In the land of Midgard: Myth of the Wolf, players take on the roll of an epicurean viking as they seek to earn vast wealth and honor through real-time casino games. Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand is a free to play, online role playing game where one earns and possesses virtual wealth as they wage war against the opposing Midgardian forces. Players earn points by performing certain quests, leveling up their character, and engaging in exciting multiplayer combat scenarios. At higher levels, players can engage in special solo quests as well as take on head-to-head and multiplayer duels against other players with custom made decks.

Players start off the game with a variety of free spins that pit them against the opposing faction’s most powerful units and spellcasters, and allow them to accumulate points that are later used in the actual game for rewards such as rare items, powerful units and even free spins which unlock powerful midgard godlands. Points can be collected by making use of the various spots available throughout midgard. As they accumulate, players gain access to more powerful units and spells which further enhance their ability to defeat enemies and conquer lands. Players can switch between different game screens by clicking on the portrait at the top of the screen, or view the board and battles by tapping the left or right arrows next to a unit or spell icon. Players can also purchase upgrades for their units through the in-game currency, midgard coins, which are used in combat to power up units and spells.

Players can also collect special coins through efforts in the free slots where they can acquire free spins and bonus rounds depending on their contribution to the progression of the game. The coins, however, can only be used for spins in the slots; else they would eventually expire and lose their value. Some of the slot’s icons, such as the hearts symbol, are also representations of important events in Midgard mythology and are required to complete certain tasks within the game to gain access to its rewards.