The Wild Chase

The Wild Chase is an online casino game that has been around for quite some time. Like many video slots games, it was one of the earliest flash games to hit the web. This slot has received a lot of attention because of its fun, flashy graphics, colorful design, and unique features. Like most other slot games, the Wild Chase offers single and multi-line play; however, the multi-line version gives you double the money. No matter which version you choose to play, the Wild Chase has a unique design that will surely get you going and winning big money.

The Wild Chase slots features a beautiful backdrop of a New York City skyline complete with skyscrapers and a busy city street below. The background is colorful with small shops and a few luxury cars parked on the corner as well as some people having some kind of event taking place nearby. The symbols representing the different game types in the Wild Chase include the Big Five which include the jackpot symbols, the Wild Card symbols, the Ace symbols, the King symbols, the Jacks or Better symbols, the No-Limit slot symbols, and the Star symbols. Four high flying socialites also make up the high scoring symbols in the game and winning five of the top slot prizes in a row will reward you with twice your original stake.

The Wild Chase re-spins machine offers a large variety of playing strategies including the Fast-paced slot strategy. When you first start out you will notice that the fast-paced strategy pays off well by getting you re-spinning quickly so that you can earn more money. The Wild Card strategy involves playing continuously and you will notice when a jackpot appears as it will immediately result in re-spinning. There are three types of Wild cards which include the Wild Card, Ace and King symbols. The Ace symbol pays out double cash while the King symbol pays out four times the cash that was placed into the pot.

The Wild Card multiplier wild symbol is one of the easiest ways of earning extra cash with the Wild Chase machine. You do not need any additional chips to activate the Wild Card multiplier; all you need to do is make sure that you have at least one other player on the slot machine table including yourself when you hit the free spin. You will notice that the amount of free spins will slowly add up to your bankroll and when you see that the free spin has just expired then you have the choice of either entering the next number on the pay line or if you are lucky you will hit the winning combination.

The Wild Chase slots are unique because they feature authentic Las Vegas reels that feature the familiar symbols and colors that have been used for decades in Las Vegas. While most of the machines on the casino floor use mechanically operated reels, the Wild Cards slot machines are a bit different. The reason for this is because the slot reels are actually the mechanical parts that initiate the action of the game. The Wild Cards machine uses a series of uniquely designed symbols that are integrated within the reels. Each symbol is a unique coin that can be used on the free spin reels and the multiplier reels.

The Wild Card bonus is also unique in that there is not only a chance of hitting a jackpot on the single spin of the machine but that there is also a sizable possibility of hitting two or more coins on any single spin. This is due to the random number generator that is incorporated within the machine. There are no cards involved here so the game can be called a “video slot machine” as well. If you are looking for a fun video slot machine that features the classic Wild Cards bonus and free spin button then the Wild Card slot machine is a great place to start playing. You can also find other popular online casinos that feature this particular game. With the increased popularity of this slot game it is expected that the price of this machine should drop sometime in the near future.