Treasure Island

Treasure Island, a once thriving resort town on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, is struggling today. In its heyday Treasure Island was home to over twelve hundred businesses and several hundred thousand visitors. The local real estate market has dropped to pre-recession levels and foreclosures have risen dramatically. This is because Treasure Island does not have the income or the traffic of many other Las Vegas suburbs. The city’s poor economic circumstances seem to be making many business owners give up on their dream of making money in Treasure Island, and many people are being forced to leave as they struggle to pay their mortgages.

Unfortunately Treasure Island also suffers from a lack of entertainment. Aside from the high limit table games that are scattered across the main street and the small but cozy alleys and businesses on the outskirts of town there are virtually no other places for tourists to go or for locals to go to have fun. This is despite the fact that the city does offer some beautiful hotels, a world class golf course and several well-known amusement parks.

Treasure Island also offers a unique take on a classic casino game, and players may find themselves winning more often at Treasure Island than anywhere else in the casinos. This is High Limit Texas Hold’em, or “High Five” as it is called in New Jersey. This special seventy-five card game is one that Treasure Island owner Steve Berry has personally designed and developed, and he allows players to use whatever funds they have to play with. Players may start the game with as little as ten dollars, but anyone who enters will quickly rack up credits that can be used to buy cards, dealer chips, and any other cards or goods that players may need. In addition to being able to buy these goods, players may also use their credits to purchase their wagers and place their bets. While this may sound like a lot of work, it actually only takes about twenty minutes to play one game, making it a quick and easy way for anyone to learn how to play the game.