Wild Pixies

Slot Machine Description: Wild Pixies has a very high potential for any high-roll casino game! Wild Pixies offers 3 separate features: The Wild Pixies Stackable Bonus, Free Roll Bonus With Wild Stackables, and the Wild Pixies Lucky Bonus! The Wild Pixies Lucky Bonus is activated when a matching symbol of the same color lands on the 5th slot spin and upon doing this, it instantly transforms all other non-free spin icons on that slot to free spins! This means that when you play Wild Pixies at a top rated casino you can literally be rewarded with free spins and bonus money without ever leaving the casino! The Wild Pixies stackable bonus is also a special feature because it allows you to earn an additional 100% of your initial deposit upon winning while playing with the stackable bonus!

This means that if you bet and wager with your regular ten-spotted reel, you will have three free spins and then you will earn your regular winnings and money. To make things even more exciting, the winning symbol will be added by default to all five free spins. You will need to manually enter your winning symbol for it to count. If a winning symbol is not automatically given to you upon starting the machine, then you can change your choice by hitting the “reset” button located on the front of the machine.

In addition to the Wild Pixies stackable and free bonus, the Wild Pixies bonus is a very unique feature. Upon winning a game while playing with this machine you will receive two additional free spins. These extra spins will allow you to collect as many symbols as possible! However, with the Wild Pixies you will not only receive five free symbols with each win, but you will also earn a regular 100% match up from the dealer that pays out a bonus of three coins when you win. For this reason, the Wild Pixies is becoming one of the most sought after casino slots in the world.

The reason this slot machine is so loved by many is simply because the payout is very high. With a regular reels, a winning player could easily walk away with fifty cents or more depending on which game they are playing. However, when you play with the Wild Pixies you will be able to collect five coins at a time, making the possibility of earning a lot of money much more realistic. This is why the Wild Pixies is such a great and pragmatic play game for slot machine players of all ages!

The second reason the Wild Pixies is such a great slot machine is due to the ability to use the free scratter symbols that come with the machine. You can activate these symbols by pressing the number six on your machine card. With these symbols, you can create different images from the letters you place on them. These letters, when placed on certain icons on the reels, will cause that icon to emit a number. These numbers, once collected and placed on certain icons on the reels, will result in magnetic images that can be collected and become part of your virtual pet.

Finally, the last reason that you should play the Wild Pixies online slot game is because of the fact that it has one of the best odds of winning. While other online slot games have poor lotto and jackpot percentages, the Wild Pixies online slot game has a rating of over 90%. This means that if you were to place a bet of two to one, you would have an excellent chance of winning over the long run. Along with this, the nudge option that is used with the Wild Pixies allows you to change your odds in order to increase or decrease your payouts.