Willy’s Hot Chillies

Hot Chillies is a virtual casino game that is based on the famous Willy’s hot chocolate drink commercials. The game will launch in July 2021 and will initially be available at the Slots in London. Willy’s Hot Chillies virtual slot is a hot chocolate themed video slot game that will also be launched in July 2021 at one of the many worldwide casinos. The game will have 5 reels, a 5-line design and 20 payout lines, which means you’ll get the most out of your virtual casino experience. This game is similar to other video slots such as Microgaming, Jackpot, Bodog and many others, which help make the virtual casino gaming experience more enjoyable.

Hot Chillies features an “ad campaign” from Willy which involves a jingle for the drink and an image of Willy the clown himself. There are a number of different images from which to choose. Some of the reel logos feature the face of Willy the clown, the slogan “hot chocolates” and “cool drinks” will commonly appear on the logo and Willy’s facial expressions are used to portray different character states. Some of the logos will depict multiple people drinking from a pot or the logo will depict a number of cartoon characters drinking from the same pot, while others will simply display a blank icon. There are many different icons which are used, but the one which is most common is the cartoon face of Willy the clown.

Video slot games such as Hot Chillies offer a unique take on the traditional slots theme, taking the theme in a fresh direction with a theme that is both fun and exciting. Video slot games which feature Willy’s Hot Chillies give the player the chance to live out their inner child in the comfort of their own home and play video slots to their heart’s content. The graphics and theme make this game an enjoyable game to play.